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If you’ve just been diagnosed with HIV, your doctor will make sure you get the care you need.  You might get referred to the local sexual health service or you can discuss where you want to get care.  Your care is confidential. 


People with HIV take medication that keeps them healthy for life.  This means getting some bloods tests every few months.  Once you are on treatment it doesn’t take long for the amount of virus in your body to get so low that you can’t pass it on.


People with HIV live as long as people without HIV, it’s now a chronic manageable condition.


There are lots of confidential support options out there, you are not alone.  Queensland Positive People (QPP) supports people living with HIV and you can contact them for help, see the link below.  If you are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, 2Spirits can also help, they’re an organisation supporting LGBTI+ people in Queensland, see link below.

Talk Test Treat North Queensland HIV Prevention Awareness Recently Diagnosed Book Test

In North Queensland there are sexual health services who are HIV experts, if you want to contact them they will be able to talk with you.

It’s going to feel scary BUT 'living well with HIV' is now easier than ever. Treatment is available and you can live a long heathy life. Take a breather and find people you trust to support you through this time.


Some steps to think about:


1. Don’t leave it… The sooner you get care the better for your body

2. The healthcare services are there to help you - There are people who will care for you in a respectful way.

3. There are great support services out there for when you’re ready – you can talk with a nurse, counsellor, sexual health worker or peer support worker (someone living with HIV)

4. Get in touch with a local HIV Access team. They can help you staying healthy and managing your HIV – That’s important to do from the start.

5. Don’t stress, it’s going to be OK.  You don’t have to rush, but you might want to find people you trust to support you through this time.


The HIV Access Program Cairns provides confidential counselling for support, testing and information for people recently diagnosed or affected with HIV diagnoses including partners, family and friends. Counselling offers a safe place to discuss the needs and feelings associated with a recent diagnosis and links to services. Our clinical team consists of Nurses, Doctors, Indigenous Health workers, psychologists, social workers and we also have a pharmacy on site.

Our clinic is open from Monday to Friday and we provide a free walk in service (no Medicare required) so there is no need to book.


Alternatively. you can call the HIV specialist nurse on 0436 699 910 or email

Self Referral – Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander

Please forward your completed referral form to


You will receive communication from 2 Spirits at Queensland Council for LGBTI Health once your referral is reviewed.

Self Referral – Link me up with Queensland Positive People

Queensland Positive People (QPP) is a peer-based advocacy organisation who are committed to actively promoting self-determination and empowerment for all people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Queensland.

Click HERE to access services from QPP.

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